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Due to the fact I was somewhat familiar with Tru-Protect products after having experienced the quietness and 30% energy savings by having it installed on a previous home, as well as using it to insulate my cheap garage doors to stop the heat loss in winter & opposite effect in summer & being very happy with the result of both I guess I should not have been surprised at the newest results.

We own an R.V. park in Wolfforth,Tx., after needing more laundry facilities we insulated, sheet rocked, wired, heated & cooled a storage building to be used as a new laundry. In order to help with the heating & cooling of the minimal  construction we decided to use Tru-Protect to insulate walls & ceiling, glad we did.

On 12/15 one of our brilliant renters first tried to start every washer & dryer in the building at the same time, but also overloaded all of them. In order to not have to spend an extra quarter or move some of the clothes after every breaker in the building blew, he stood & continued to flip the breakers off & on, trying to force the units to run. That is until the electrical plug next to him blew out & went up in smoke, but the wiring to 7 more washers & eight dryers started smoking & flames came out of the wall. At this point he ran from the building, tried to get some help, reported the fire to our maintenance man & left the premises, great guy!

Our guys found the electrical outlets melted, burned completely black, all the wiring to these plugs melted to the copper, wall plug melted & run down the wall & the sheetrock smoldering. Taking a hammer, busting out the walling you could see it flame up, burn the walling, wiring, & electrical boxes, but one thing kept it all from bursting into flames & burning the complete building down. As the flames would grow, the fire would come in contact with the Tru-Protect, at that time it would smolder, melt & fizzle, start smoking & go out.

After these results we got things under control, but had to experiment, we could set fire to the wire , box, sheetrock, etc. with a match, but upon contact with this product the fire went out.

Anyone who knows me knows I never brag on anyone or anything, but this product saved us months of work, thousands of dollars, unhappy customers, and fear of another crisis due to stupidity. We have rewired the laundry, replaced the outlets and breakers, and other than cosmetics are back in operation as of 12/19.

Thanks to the McDonalds and their help and thanks for Tru-Protect, we believe!

Kent Powers

RV Park Owner

We received TruProtect insulation back in April, right before the dead of hot, humid summer in the Mojave desert. We were able to get it installed and what a difference it made in the inside temperature of our home. We spent the whole summer in a pleasantly cool environment, where in the past it had been unbearable. I highly recommend this product. It’s been a life saver for our family.


Melissa L.

Mojave Desert California

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