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Our Customers

United Nations - NY

Global Foundries - NY

Quest Diagnostics - VA

FBI Field Office - Seattle, WA

LA County Sheriff - CA

General Dynamics - VA

Space X

Duke University

Department of Defense

NAWS China Lake

MacDill Air Force Base War College


Dulles International Airport, Washington DC

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

FAA Headquarters - Washington DC

British Airways - Ontario, Canada

Yale University

White House

Smart Sync



Our clients can be certain that our product is made of the finest components and is treated with environmentally safe materials to help significantly protect against fire, smoke, mold, mildew, and fungus damage. TruProtect is used in new construction and in retrofitting existing structures. The following is a sample of our clients:

This is a project summary detailing the use of TruProtect RF/EMI/infrared/sound shielding panels and ceiling tiles. All SCIF projects were built and shipped from our plant in Lubbock, Texas. All orders were delivered on time or ahead of due date. Not one of these projects reported less than 70Db in performance after installation was complete. In most cases the RF door is the limiting factor in performance and not the TruProtect products, even up to 100Db.

  • NAWS – China Lake shielded room completed.
  • Computer chip lab in Malta, NY for Global Foundries. GC told us the NSA was the US agency that was involved in security of this plant. We provided 1” TruProtect RF board for the ceilings. The walls had Ultra NT which we have dealt with numerous times. This is a very limited radiant/vapor barrier that is supposed to shield for RF but in reality does a very poor job. The GC had to install 2 layers and then it was minimal in performance. The GC told us that when satellite images of the plant were taken it was just a black image. The walls leak like a sieve but the TruProtect shields above performance criteria.
  • TruProtect ½”x2’x4’ ceiling tiles were installed in a HHS facility in Dulles airport in DC. We were never told what the room was or the purpose but GC told us they were ecstatic with the performance. We were told by same GC that the TruProtect ceiling tiles were the quickest way to shield a ceiling he had ever encountered.
  • HHS reordered the ½”x2’x2’ ceiling tiles for another airport security room in Louisiana. This was a different GC but he also said they were very pleased with the shielding of the ceiling tiles.
  • AT&T wanted us to design 3 different SCIF rooms for a lab in Austin, TX. Our best performing ¾” panels was installed on walls and ceilings. We provided the RF door, electrical, HVAC and data filters along with final testing. Engineers were so pleased, they are planning another 20 rooms in the new lab facility, and all with TruProtect provided shielding.
  • FBI ordered our 1” ceiling tiles for a CSI lab outside Seattle Washington. Acoustics Company said they and client was very delighted with the product and performance. They reordered more of the same size for their interrogation rooms in that building 3 months later.
  • US Coast Guard ordered our ¼” panels to over lay the non performing Ultra NT/Rfoil in a Coast Guard facility in San Diego, California. GC told us that the panels went up in ½ the time of the other material and raised the performance of the room above what was SPECED in. Both GC and client were very delighted.
  • The Navy Surface War lab in Virginia has TruProtect as the only RF shielding material they want. No matter whether it is just tape, ceiling tiles or our 5 different panels. They have us on speed dial they say.
  • TruProtect ½” ceiling tiles were the choice for the new General Dynamics and Quest IT facilities. Both of these facilities are located in Herndon, Va.
  • TruProtect 1” ceiling tiles have been SPECED into the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions new facility. They wanted our products in the part of the building for RF shielding and sound cancelation.
  • The Air Force new facility in Florida has all TruProtect 1” ceiling tiles installed in every office.
  • SpaceX facility in California has TruProtect panels and ceiling tiles installed in the operations room. GC was very happy at the savings in labor over some other products he had used in the past.
  • State Department wanted to use TruProtect panels and ceiling tiles in the new embassy in San Juan. They wanted a Green product. Engineers decided to go with welded stainless steel instead. The chosen stainless steel panels were 400% heaver, 500% more costly and required 5 times the labor not to mention the added cost of shipping. GC was not happy because they could accomplish the same performance level without the added cost and labor. SD would have been able to boost about staying Green too.
  • Bell Labs ordered our ½” ceiling tiles for a new IT facility in New Jersey. Order was rush job and we delivered 2 weeks ahead of deadline.
  • Smart Sync ordered our ¼” panels to shield their main offices from a new cell tower installed down the road a ¼ mile. These are the makers of the smart meters.
  • Unknown agency used our ½” panels to retrofit an Rfoil/Ultra NT room that was non-performing in Tucson Az. The GC was able to do the job in 1 week also. They called back and ordered the ceiling tiles to complete the job later.
  • Los Angeles Sherriff department has ordered the TruProtect cell phone protection room (6 sided shielding). This room has TruProtect 1”panels on all walls and ceiling. The floor has AL 20 panels and the electrical, HVAC and data ports will be RF filtered as well. We will do the install along with a 70Db RF door. We have this SPEC written and ready to go for any and all SCIF rooms worldwide.
  • British Airways needed a RF shielded room at the Ontario, Canada airport. They ordered TruProtect ½” RF panels. We shipped and were a week ahead of time even after being delayed 2 days in Canadian Customs.
  • An unnamed agency in New York had an Rfoil room that was not performing so the GC called and we shipped the ½” TruProtect and the floor panels. One week after delivery they called and mission accomplished. Room was now above SEPC and performing well.
  • Designed shielding for the Muskat, Oman airport as requested by the Sultan of Oman.

  • FAA communication room in Washington DC. They installed over 7500sf of TruProtect ceiling tiles in the communications room in the FAA headquarters. Very pleased with the results and saved them from redesigning the space above the ceiling grid for shielding.
  • DOD, Denver Colorado installed over 5500sf of the ½” TruProtect ceiling tiles in the communications and IT room in the regional headquarters in Denver. Again, saved having to redesign the area above the ceiling grid and were very happy with the saved time and results.
  • Again, unnamed US federal agency in Atlanta, Ga. Installed over 7000sf of the ½” x 2×2 ceiling tiles. Contractor said it saved him about a week of labor not having to redesign area above the ceiling grid and tested above the performance requirements.
  • Comcast installed 2500sf of the 1” ceiling tiles in a communication room in New Hampshire to avoid the area above the ceiling grid. Again preformed above the performance required.
  • SCIF facility at Mac Gill AFB in Florida. War College facility
  • Atlanta Ready facility in Georgia, supplied the TruProtect ceiling tiles for SCIF and communications part.
  • Yale University…on going Up to now 5 different labs.
  • AECOM…supplying ceiling tiles as well as wall boards. On going.
  • White House small IT room.
  • Several SCIF rooms in various locations at Dullas Air Port in DC.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police…provided wall panels and ceiling tiles for SCIF in headquarters.
  • Presidential Transition Team Headquarters- Washington, DC (Trump)
  • Dept of Defense- 2 jobs in progress.
  • United Nations – GC happy with results
  • Duke University- Several jobs completed


**** There have been others but these are the only ones we are not bound by confidentially rules.

There are many Rfoil/Ultra NT rooms are all over the US in every agency. None of them work as required. I have been told from 12,000 and up to 25,000 of these rooms exist and not one is functional. If the Rfoil/Ultra NT is there it does not work. Many current jobs are delayed and stopped with people trying to solve this problem. We can solve in easily. We have proven time and time again that the Rfoil product is just a vapor barrier and nothing more. The installation instructions for this product defeat the purpose of the install itself! The product was acceptable when cell phone were the brick phone. The power of these was weak and could not penetrate the barrier. Now days with cell phone and wifi systems being so powerful, something more is needed. The TruProtect panels have been tested up to 18 GHz. TruProtect rooms will perform today tomorrow and a long time into the future. At a reasonable cost these non performing rooms can be brought into the present and into the next half of this century. TruProtect panels have the highest STC sound proofing index and carry a Class A fire and smoke rating. Being a certified Green product and Energy Star rated product does not take away from TruProtect stature either. The ceiling tiles make shielding and sound proofing the ceiling a snap now. No more laborious time consuming journeys. Just drop in the tiles and you’re done.