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Ask us about our military grade panels and ceiling tiles  Rated at 100dB at 40Ghz, none better on the planet!


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  • Blocks RF,EMR,EMI wave forms along with INFRARED heat signatures

  • Works on both residential and commercial applications

  • Stops outside EMI while securely containing signals generated inside

  • Protects sensitive electronic equipment and data

  • Blocks electronic and acoustic eavesdropping

  • Successful for SCIF rooms, Data Centers, Command Centers, Bunkers (with proper installation and Added RF products) See data and pictures for SCIF rooms

  • The least expensive alternative for reliable protection from invasive electronic wave forms

  • RF Shielded Doors (optional)

  • Filtering for Electrical, Computers, Air & Heat (optional)

  • Easy to install on both new and remodel construction