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Ask us about our military grade panels and ceiling tiles  Rated at 100dB at 40Ghz, none better on the planet!


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TruProtect offers an extraordinary range of shielding qualities ideally suited for military installations, field operations and government buildings.


  • Infrared surveillance proof
  • RF, EMP, EMI, and EMR resistant or blocked depending on application
  • Generation II Bunkers are Kevlar projectile resistant up to .50 caliber
  • Ideal for command centers
  • EMP rated 200 dB @ 127 Hz
  • Cuts heating/cooling requirements up to 60 percent
  • Ideal for walk-in coolers
  • Blocks RF, cell and other communications waves
  • Protects from acoustic assault
  • Protects all internal sound from external surveillance
  • All specs listed under CSI 3 – part sheet