100% Made in the USA


We start with a new sea shipping container. We use new since we
never want dents and dings that may weaken the structural integrity.
Another thing, is you never know what contaminates were shipped in
the container before you got it. Once all seams are sealed inside and
outside, we start construction.

When we have your container on site at our shop it is measured
exactly. This is very important to insure the correct grounding points
are used. We also provide accurate shop drawings for each shielded
container. This is important if in the future you should need to modify
the container in any way.

  • TruProtect Ready Bunkers are custom designed and custom built, per your personal requirements. Sizes available: 20’, 40’, 45’. Optional plumbing, electrical and HVAC can be added.

  • Survive the most extreme conditions and assaults while giving total protection to you, your equipment and your data..

  • Reliable Protection Against: EMP, RF, EMI, INFRARED, Heat and Cold, Computer damage & data loss, Weather, Bullets up to .50 cal.

  • Rhino weather proof

  • Kevlar protection up to 50 Caliber (Optional)

  • Confidentiality guaranteed

  • Armored plating (Optional)