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To Whom it may Concern

I would like to give you my account of our experience with TruProtect. I heard an ad on the radio about this new product, TruProtect. Being intrigued by its claims, I called and got more information. I also visited their web site, www.truprotect.com and visited their assembly facilities. To be blunt, I did my homework about this product because I had just lost my roof to a hail storm that passed thru Lake Ransom Canyon in late July. My wife and I decided to have TruProtect installed under the new roofing material. The TruProtect people came out and as the roofing crew took the old roof off, they lay down and installed the TruProtect sheeting over the decking. Where we had vents and attic temperature control vents the TruProtect was cut and the raw edges sealed by the fireproof tape. The roofing crew was at first leery about the sheeting going down, but grew more confident with it as people walked on top of the sheets with no apparent damage. This stuff was as tough as nails! When the roof was finished you could not tell the difference from my roof and the neighbor’s roof. We could tell the difference immediately inside the house though! Our house is a 2 story and since we have lived here (10 years) the upper story in the summer was uninhabitable. Now our home is a comfortable temperature from top to bottom. For the first time we can enjoy the upper stories all year long. Another benefit is that our utility bills have been reduced dramatically. We can safely say that our utility bills have been reduced by at least 33%. My wife and I are so please that we are planning to do some remodeling on the outside of the upper story this summer and intend to put TruProtect on this remodel. By doing this I am confident my utilities will be reduced by 50%.

To be sure, I am glad we decided to add TruProtect to our home. It is now safer, quieter, more energy efficient, protected from hail damage and more livable.

Jerry and Judy Golledge
Ransom Canyon, Texas

Milyn, LLC
Lubbock, TX

To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently finished my basement and used TruProtect insulation in the basement ceiling. I would like to say that I am very pleased at the results of the product. Our desire was to mute out noise transfer from the upstairs to the basement and the basement to upstairs. Prior to installing the TruProtect one could clearly hear the upstairs TV as well as people talking when standing in the basement. With the TruProtect in place you have to really pay attention in order to hear noise coming from upstairs. What little noise gets through is merely a mumble and not really noticeable. Our builder and his foreman have also made comments on how quiet the basement has become since they installed the TruProtect. All in all a very impressive product. We have also noticed how our basement has warmed up this winter with TruProtect as our only basement insulation. We are currently looking to put TruProtect in the attic of our house and have recommended it to friends and family.

Michael Jach
Avon Lake, OH