Fire Protection

TruProtect is made of the finest components which are treated with environmentally safe materials to help it protect your house or commercial building from fire and smoke damage; mold, mildew, and fungus damage; and hail damage.

Fire Protection

TruProtect was tested for its fire and smoke spread. Three sheets were placed in a tunnel with an 1860°F flame drawn through the tunnel at about 125 feet per minute. Results are compared to other building materials that are at the extremes of the the scale used.

Specimen Flame Spread Index Smoke Developed Index
Mineral Fiber Cement Board 0 0
Red Oak Flooring 100 100
TruProtect 25 20


The test indicates minimal damage done to TruProtect under extreme conditions. Under real conditions, this means that Truprotect can help provide additional time for your employees and your family to escape a fire.

Architectural Testing, Inc., Southlake, Texas
UL 2218, is a standard for impact resistance of prepared roof covering material

Omega Point, Elmendorf, Texas
ASTM E84-04 is a standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials. TruProtect earned a Class A fire rating and a Class A smoke rating.

Progressive Coating, Inc.