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Making TruProtect a Reality

One day in 1982, when Mike McDonald was a student at Texas A&M University, he volunteered to help friends move into a new home. While taking boxes into the attic, he was struck by how much hotter the attic was than the 70 degrees within the house, or even the 80 degrees outside. At that moment, he began thinking about how to keep the attic from becoming so oppressively hot. By 1983, Mike had developed a product to solve that problem. Thus TruProtect was born. He and his partners then applied for a patent for his new innovation. Unfortunately, in 1932 someone had already received a patent on a product with a similar configuration. Although that product was intended to be used for a different application, it prevented Mike from obtaining the necessary patent.

For the next 19 years, Mike continued to mull over his idea. In 2002, he again seriously addressed the issue. The solution was to patent Mike’s product for a different use. According to the patent, the primary use of TruProtect is the protection from hail damage. This enabled the secondary uses (insulation, sound barrier, mold and fungus retardation, and fire retardation) to be patented as well.

With patent in hand, Mike set up a manufacturing plant outside of Lubbock, Texas, where he now lives.

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